the story of the unification of amateur and professional basketball


Feature film “Global Game” is a story about unification of amateur and professional basketball, told by its unifiers, NBA Commissioner Emeritus Mr David Stern and FIBA Secretary General Emeritus Mr Bora Stankovic. Movie is based on exclusive footages of their conversation in the Geneva in August 2016, when they explained, step by step, how they managed to deliver their common masterpiece – GLOBAL GAME!

By late 80s, it was unimaginable to see amateurs and professionals together on the basketball court. One press-conference in Italy marked big changes, when Bora Stankovic stressed, seating beside David Stern, that “time had come FIBA to stop naming American professionals as criminals”. It was their first meeting, but Stern liked that sentence so much that he repeated it three decades later during his inaugural speech in FIBA Hall of Fame in Geneva.

Who voted for and who against unification? Where the decisive meetings were held? Why Russians and Americans were united against “Global Game” project? How Stern and Stankovic beat strong oppositions? What changed so much that FIBA delegates finally accepted it in FIBA Congress in Munich in 1989? What they thought watching how USA Dream Team, led by Michael Jordan, demolishes all their opponents, while their critics sneered at their experiment...

Their confessions are commented by few members of 1992 Dream Team, some prominent European pioneers in NBA, some coaches from USA and Europe... All of them are estimating what Global Game did for today`s basketball and how they see game in the future. However, Stern and Stankovic agreed that they won in this battle...

„At the NBA, we saw a direct correlation between the Barcelona Games and the rise of international players in our league. In 1992, the NBA had 26 players from outside the United States. Today, that number has grown to more than 100, many of them All-Star-calibre players“, concluded David STERN.

Production: Cinnesport
Executive production: Cinnesport

Key figures:

NBA Commissioner Emeritus David Stern, FIBA Secretary General Emeritus Bora Stankovic, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann, Coach Dan Peterson, Coach Greg Popovic, Coach Dusan Ivkovic...

...BWB Global Camp Director and 17 times Hoop Summit game Coach Marin Sedlacek, China Basketball Federation President and former NBA player Yao Ming, basketball journalist Vladimir Gomelsky (Alexander Gomelsky`s son), Coach Svetislav Pesic, European pioneers in NBA Detlef Schrempf, Georgi Glouchkov, Sergey Bazarevich, Alexander Volkov...

...Vlade Divac, 1992 Dream Team member and actual Indiana Pacers President Larry Bird, 1992 Dream Team member Magic Johnson, legend of both European and NBA basketball Bob McAdoo, legend of both European and NBA basketball Mike D`Antony, 1992 Olympic Games finalists Toni Kukoc and Dino Radja.